5 Fabulous Two-Wheeler Insurance Add-Ons You Probably Didnt Know You Need!

As an avid biker, you probably already know the importance of having a two wheeler insurance policy for your vehicle. Apart from safeguarding you against the possibility of heavy expenses arising from a mishap, insurance also keeps you compliant with the law. After all, it is mandatory to have at least third-party motor insurance for your vehicle in order to be able to ply it on the roads here in the country. 

Now, if you want a bit more out of your coverage, you can always opt for a comprehensive bike insurance plan. True to its name, comprehensive bike insurance goes a step further to cover your own damages as well as third-party losses in an accident. You also receive coverage from a range of natural and man-made calamities. The best part about these comprehensive policies is that you can opt to enhance them with the help of riders. These riders are add-ons that give you more coverage at a slightly additional cost to your premium. In this article, we will list down 5 riders that can truly prove handy for you as a biker. 


  • Zero depreciation cover


The zero-depreciation cover protects depreciation costs from eating into your bike insurance claim. If you have this cover, you can receive the value of your claim minus any depreciation costs that you might otherwise have to pay. 


  • Engine protection cover


In a basic bike insurance policy, your vehicle’s engine does not receive coverage. If you opt in for this add-on, you can enjoy added protection for your engine and its parts. This can prove handy in situations where water enters your engine and possibly leaves it damaged. 


  • Roadside assistance


If you bike over long distances frequently, you might understand the extreme inconvenience of being stranded with a broken-down vehicle. With this add-on, you can expect assistance such as help for a flat tyre, breakdown of battery, and fuel requirements up to specified limits. 


  • Consumables cover


Did you know that your basic bike insurance plan will not cover the costs of consumables like nuts, bolts, and oil during repair? And, these consumables can cost quite a bit when added up. You can save yourself from heavy expense by opting in for this add-on that covers all these consumables. 


  • NCB protector


The no-claim bonus is a bonus you receive if you do not raise any claims. This benefit is generally given as a discount on your bike insurance premium. However, if you raise a claim, you can still protect your NCB by opting in for the NCB protector. This add-on keeps your NCB benefit intact up to a certain number of claims as specified in the policy. 

With these amazing add-ons supplementing your bike insurance policy, you can go ahead and ride with peace of mind. Remember that you can easily purchase your two wheeler insurance online these days to stay adequately protected at all times. All the best!

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