Beautiful High Altitude Lake Treks in India


For all the experience buffs, there’s nothing as energizing, interesting, entrancing, throbbing as trekking. What’s more, it’s fun eventually duplicates when there are some high-height treks to win. The greater part of them including pleasant glades, the high-elevation treks permit seeing captivating views on the planet. 


Almost certainly, there are numerous uneven reaches on the planet where you can anticipate such comparable highlights, however, it’s the Indian Himalayan Region where most trekking darlings discover comfort. Home to some sky-contacting snow-covered glaciated tops with a dynamic mosaic of people groups, and societies, the Indian Himalayan Region is the delegated zenith of nature’s magnificence offering a scope of high elevation hiking trails. 


Some of which are even 5960 m. Without a doubt, you will think of someplace in the rear of your psyche – isn’t it 5960 m excessively high for trekking? Indeed, it is, yet who says that excellence comes effectively all things considered. So right away, here’s a manual for high height trekking trails in India. 


Here’s the top 5 lovely High Altitude Lake Treks in India 



  • Bhrigu Lake Trek: Himachal Pradesh 



With a height of 14,000 ft, trekking at Bhrigu Lake is itself an undertaking. Situated in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, the trekking offers some amazing perspectives on snow-covered mountains and rich knolls, it is an action to do in Kullu for another experience of the huge scene. 


One reason why trekkers lean toward this lake trek is a direct result of the normal event the area offers and is the most moving one to perform. One can appreciate the amazing perspectives on Seven Sister Peaks or Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba, the outstretched Pir Panjal ranges and a lot really during the trek. Beginning from May to October is viewed as the best season for Bhrigu Lake Trek. 



  • Kareri Lake Trek-Himachal Pradesh 



With a rise of around 3,300 meters in the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh, the Kareri Lake trek merits a visit. It is one of the greatest height lakes in the Indian Himalayan area and the lake is shaped by the inflow of dissolved waters from Maniani Peak. The lake fills in as the base locale for trekkers and gets profound into the Dhauladhar range and towards Minkiani Pass. 


The trek goes through spouting streams and rich green glades giving an eye-satisfying visual. Starting from Mcleodganj town and prompting Kareri town, the lake goes through some astonishing spots. The best and ideal opportunity for Kareri Lake Trek is between-May-June and Sept-Oct. 


  1. Great Lakes Trek-Jammu and Kashmir 


The virgin magnificence and the lovely visuals of the Great Lakes in J&K shouldn’t be missed. Being the most delightful put on earth, it’s a wrongdoing to miss doing an experienced trek in J&K. The trek span is by and large 7-9 days and is evaluated as moderate to testing. 


The Great Lakes Trek requests actual wellness and mental assurance, because of cruel climatic conditions you’ll go over halfway. The best and ideal opportunity to appreciate the trek is during June and September when the environment is cool and is honoured with adequate greenery. Maple trees, Silver Birch Trees and various sorts of trees can be seen heading to the objective. It’s one of the beneficial encounters which you shouldn’t miss. 



  • Roopkund Trek-Uttarakhand 



Roopkund is an acclaimed icy lake situated in the province of Uttarakhand. Celebrated for having 500 skeletons of people at the edge of the lake, the lake draws in many vacationers each season. With an elevation of 4,800 meters, Roopkund is situated in the Chamoli District of the Garhwal locale. 


Many experienced vacationers visit this Himalayan Lake trek location to appreciate the excellence of the spot. The beginning stage of this trek is the Lohajung and one can go through some wonderful areas around. Cascades, sanctuaries and pinnacles make the Roopkund Trek worth it. 


During the trek, one can likewise set a campground at Ghora Latonia. Additionally, there is a sure mismatching that can make the trek troublesome. The best and ideal opportunity to trek is May first to June and September to November. 



  • Deoria Tal Trek-Uttarakhand 



Roosted at a height of 2438mts above sea level, Deoria Tal Trek is the most astonishing trek place in the Himalayan locales of India. During the mornings, the lake favours its vacationers with the baffling impression of Chaukhamba Peaks through its completely clear water. Likewise composed as Deoriatal or Devariyatal, the lake is settled among the thick trees and fills in as the best trekking objective. 


The trekking is very medium and offers a compensating experience to trekkers. When you arrive at the highest point of the slopes close by, you can get elevated perspectives of Saari Village and its rich green paddy fields. One can investigate this lake trek consistently.

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