Triund Trek- A short trek In Himachal


It could be the easiest hike on your own in the Himalayas. Triund is the perfect destination for people looking for a hassle-free Himalayan trek. The walk can be completed comfortably over a weekend.

It is a short but steep track to Triund. A refreshing walk between rhododendrons and oaks will compensate for the steep climb well. There are also different songbirds along the path along the woods that make it a pleasure for bird watchers. The elegance of this walk on a weekday is easier to experience.

Little Lhasa, McLeodganj also offers an unforgettable chance to explore the vibrant Tibetan culture.

What to look for?

The view of the range of the Mighty Dhauladhar and other highlights

Seen right at the beginning of your journey you can see the Moon top, the Rifle Bell, the Arthur Seat, and the mighty Dhauladhar line.


Walk-in Himachal Pradesh’s majestic pine forests

While this is a small walk through the forest, this trek will take you across a lovely part of the forest, where you can recall this trek.

On the trail, you go through rhododendrons, pines, and coniferous forests. Forest trekking and the big opening on the top of the hill would be a sight.

Triund Trek’s Excellent Sunset

The sunset can be the main highlight on the Triand Trek, and every walker stays on the ridge overnight.

Details about the trail

In Dharamkot is your base to start a Triund Trek. The trek may also begin at McLeodganj or two other nearby villages – Bhagsu and Gallu. But the Dharamkot trail is the most beautiful when it climbs across thick pine forests.

Day 1: Dharamkot to Triund 

Start walking as quickly as possible. The first half of the day will be very rough with sun and mountain views. Get to the Dharamkot elementary school water tank. A trail goes up a woodland next to a tank of water. Go this way for about half an hour to the clearing of the shrine of Galu. There is a little tea house below the Shrine. From Naddi township, a path gets south-west to the forests. Another forest trail leads to the Laka River northwest. The main road leads directly to Triund through the sanctuary.

You can see the journey with the checkpoint of the forest before you enter the Temple of Gallu Devi. There are no dues due. However, your ID card is significant and your information in a newspaper is registered. You also test and check the amount of plastic you carry in your backpack. When you go, take responsibility for taking them back and hiking.

The road is steep and passes through the dense oak forests on the steep side of the ridge in Laka. This trail is a deep path, passing through a steep stretch and moved along a boulder.

With the pyramid summit Mun that is larger than life, the principal spectrum of Dhauladhar comes to light here. This entire section is excellent for birdwatchers, and various forests are found. Gateways and a few dhabas/cafés that sell tea and boxed food are available at many places. There are about 22 turns in the trek or the ascent. Halfway down you reached the Magic View Café. From here, the road is steeper. The route crosses a series of paths through dense rhododendrons and oak forests to the ridge of Triund.


The last couple of turns lead to the ridge of Triund and the rhododendrons. an open grassy ridge that extends a decent km south before it plunges into the Kangra Valley. There are several camping sites, and you may also have some supplies at the tea stores.

It is rare and almost 1 km before the opening of Triund. This is your own source of water. It is extremely advisable. During the trekking season, there are plenty of dhabas in Triund where a meal and coffee are offered. Dharamkot rice is cheaper to buy, which isn’t rotten than to buy any meals. You will stay at the woodland rest house in Triund overnight by making your advance reservation at Dharamshala. Here is a decent accommodation, costing a place from around Rs 600 to Rs 800.

You can also rent tents in Triund (around Rs 600 for a two-man tent, with sleeping bags). Please be aware that tentative Triund accommodations, for example for public holidays, should be reserved on weekends.

2nd day: Dharamkot Triund

Wake up early for your East Peaks to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. The sun shines down the valley of Kangra and is an amazing event. If you’re not given the opportunity, you can also go back to Dharamkot on day 1 and go to Triund on a single day. You will miss the beautiful view of the morning and evening skies from Triund; but as long as you leave early, you can return before the gloom. Follow your steps down the way you have followed. It takes far less time for me to descend than for me to ascend. It’s a brief day to walk along the way to the cafes. If you have time, you can instead go from Triund to Laka’s cave. The Lahesh cave is the base camp to climb to Indrahar Pass (14,250 ft). Laka has a tea house, so you have to transport your own supplies if you’re going there. You get up to the basement and the same day you get down to Dharamkot.

Triund Trek’s Best Season

A ride around the city can be held throughout the year with the exception of winters in July, August, and February.

Spring and summer from March to June provide the best conditions for trekking in the world. The walk is perfect for walking and avoiding the harsh weather conditions of April, May with additional warm clothing.

The perfect time to see the tops of the mountain is during the monsoon. The first snowfall spell on the hike is expected in December.


Trekking Stuff to Take On

Make sure you have a comfortable tent with yourself if you camp in Triund. A 0-degree sleeping bag, a hygiene liner, and a light foam mat were mounted in addition to the shelter. Take a small shovel to take a cat hole and cover if you need to defecate. You don’t have a laundry or a toilet on the Triund trek.

Here’s the list of things to take with us if the Triund Trek isn’t camped.

Unnecessary requires

Hiking shoes: the distance from the trail is long and long, comfortable walking shoes need to be taken. See the best walking shoes in this video.

Backpack (40-60 liters): sturdy braces with supporting frame pockets. For backpacks, a Rain Cover is vital.


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