5 Marketing Options for Promoting Your Summer Sale

A summer sale can be a great way for you to get your company’s name out there. Many companies engage in a summer sale, and especially if your company sells products that work well for a summer sale, you might want to look into it as an option. However, part of the process of creating a summer sale is promoting it. Once you’ve constructed the perfect summer sale, here are five ways you can promote it to a potential customer base.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get the word out with minimal effort. With email marketing, your team only has to put together one message. Then, you can send that message out to the entirety of your email list. If you already have an email list, this is a great way to advertise. However, email marketing is also very insular and will only ever go out to the people who open your email, so you shouldn’t use email marketing exclusively.

2. Social Media Marketing

Your company’s website and social media presences are an amazing way to get the word out about your upcoming sales event. You can also go farther and create special ways for fans to engage with your upcoming sale, like a Facebook Event that people can look at to get extra information and let you know they’re interested. This is especially helpful if you have a retail location that people will be able to visit for the sale.

3. Paid Online Advertising

There are many ways to do paid advertising online, including everything from running paid social media ads to advertising your company on Google when people run searches. Different advertising options may work best for different companies; it’s a good idea to consult your marketing team about the advertising options that might work best.

4. Phone Sales Campaign

A phone sales campaign can still be a great way to let people know about your upcoming sales events, even if it’s becoming a bit outdated. A phone call can let customers know about your sales, and it also lets them know how much you care.

5. Partner and Organization Promotion

Companies that have existing relationships with other organizations can utilize those relationships to bolster both organization’s sales and offers. For example, if you and another company in a different industry have a connection, you might agree that you can cross-promote your summer sales, giving each of you even better traffic for your sales event.


Summer sales can be a great way to get more traffic for your company. If you’re able to pull off a great summer sale, you can end up with a significant profit for your company. Plus, it allows you to tailor your sale toward current consumer habits, which means you can capitalize on whatever people are currently excited about. Use these different methods of marketing to put your company out there and make sure your summer sale goes off without a hitch.

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