How are NCERT Books helpful for Students of Class 12?

CBSE Class 12 board exams are one of the turning points in students’ lives. Class 12 embarks towards the start of a new journey. Students have queries, are NCERT Books enough to score optimum marks in the board exams? So the answer is yes. NCERT books are one of the stand-alone books which are handy and help students to achieve their desired goals. For CBSE students, these books are highly beneficial as they cover all major topics important from the exam point of view. NCERT books mainly focus on every subject’s fundamentals, thus helping students clear their doubts pertaining to any concept easily. These books provide vital information in the most precise manner, helping students to score higher marks in the board exams. 

Students often face Science as the most challenging subject and fear facing the exams. To help students overcome their fear of facing the exams here, we provide the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology in an easily accessible format. The solutions in these books are designed by the experienced faculty team of members having vast knowledge in the subject in a lucid and understanding manner for students to grasp the concepts quickly. The CBSE board usually recommends students to study from NCERT Textbooks, and these are considered the most trustworthy study material for students. These books not only help students prepare for the annual exams but also various competitive exams. Students who aim to score higher marks in the board exams can follow using the NCERT Books.


Here are a few tips about how NCERT books are helpful:

  • The CBSE curriculum is purely based on the content that NCERT books provide, and most of the exam papers are prepared from this syllabus as per the CBSE board. 
  • Complex concepts are explained through diagrammatic representations to help students understand and grasp the concepts quickly.  
  • To make revision easier, students can make note of important topics from these books that can be remembered easily. 
  • Difficult concepts are explained through easily understandable and straightforward examples which help students to achieve a good score.
  • The questions in the main exam are usually asked from these books; hence CBSE board prefers NCERT books. 
  • Questions are usually twisted and asked in the main exams. Students who strictly follow NCERT books, then answering the twisted questions, become more effortless. 
  • NCERT textbooks consist of a large variety of example questions for students to practice, which helps them better understand the concepts.
  • CBSE board asks questions mainly from the NCERT textbook alone.
  • NCERT books focus on every single topic present in the chapter. 

Students and competitive exam aspirants can rely on these NCERT books blindly as these are student-friendly. Students can refer to the previous year NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology, which help them prepare for the competitive exams more strongly. Practising the solutions regularly helps in building up time management skills and boosts students confidence. The solution module provides valuable tips and practical examples to explain all the exercise questions in a simple and easily understandable language to grasp the concepts quickly. NCERT books are the best books any student can rely on for their exam preparation. Students who wish to secure excellent scores in their board exams are advised to practice from these books as it provides all the necessary information required to perform well in the exams. 


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