How does the user renew Avast Free Antivirus 2021

Your system requires good security software to keep it secure from malware, hackers, and other threats. Avast antivirus has lots of top features to keep the computer secured. When you install the free Avast antivirus; it protects your device from viruses. The freeware also has a junk cleaner tool that scans the computer for junk files and removes them.

You will get a regular update on your antivirus. When you see the update; download it. Updating your Avast will keep it prepared for new viruses. When you require premium tools for your Avast then you can purchase the paid plan of Avast antivirus. These premium antivirus plans provide top tools for device and data protection.

Renewing Avast antivirus 2021

Your Avast antivirus has yearly plans and the users can use the antivirus and its tool on their system. After the Avast antivirus expiry; the premium tools will not work on your device. For accessing the premium tools; you have to renew the Avast plan:

  1. Open the Avast on the desktop
  2. Go to the subscription
  3. You will see the Expire status
  4. Tap on the Renew button

Users will be redirected to the Avast antivirus renewal page. You will see the renewal plans for 1 year or 2 years. Choose the appropriate Avast antivirus renewal plan on the screen. After choosing the plan, you will see the payment window. Now enter the payment details.

Check the payment details and your renewal plan. Now hit the Renew button and wait for the confirmation window. When the Avast gets renewed; you will see the renewal successful message on your screen. User has to open his registered email address for confirmation. Now restart your Avast antivirus and use your premium tools.

Renewing Avast antivirus before the license expiry date

When the antivirus is not working; the system becomes vulnerable. Keeping your system without security software is harmful. When your Avast antivirus premium subscription is about to expire; it starts sending the renewal pop-ups. When you see the renewal notification; you should immediately update the setup. But some people have a query about the remaining days on the previous subscription. When the user renews the Avast antivirus license; the remaining days of the previous subscription get added. Your days will not get lapsed and you can use your Avast reliably. 

  1. Click on the Avast renewal popup
  2. Avast website will appear on the browser
  3. Login to your Avast antivirus account
  4. Click on the subscription window
  5. Check the remaining days on your subscription
  6. Tap the Renew button
  7. Provide your billing details

Click on the Avast renew button and the antivirus will get renewed. Sometimes users don’t want to renew the plan until expiry. The Avast renewal popups can be very bothersome. If you want to stop Avast popups then disable the Avast antivirus notifications.

Disabling Avast antivirus notifications

  1. Click the Avast icon from the dashboard
  2. Go to the Menu 
  3. Choose your Settings tab
  4. Click on general and tap on Notifications
  5. Go to the Use Silent Mode option and enable it

After enabling the silent mode. Users won’t receive the unnecessary Avast antivirus notifications. But you must renew your antivirus before the license expires.

Avast auto-renewal service

Avast antivirus also offers auto-renewal service to its users. This service is available on the premium Avast plans. The user needs to check whether his Avast plan is under auto-renewal service or not. If the service is available then enable it.

When the user has enabled the Avast auto-renewal feature; he doesn’t need to worry about the expiry. Your Avast antivirus will get renewed automatically. The auto-renewal feature renews the Avast antivirus before the expiry. The billing for Avast renewal will appear on the bank details you have entered while purchasing your setup.

After renewing the antivirus; the user will get a renewal confirmation email on the registered mail account. In case, your Avast antivirus plan is not eligible for the auto-renewal service; renew your antivirus manually.

When you get the license expiry notification; renew your plan and keep the system secure. Users must renew the antivirus under a good internet connection. Connect the device to a personal network. Using a personal network ensures that your payment details are secured. After renewing the Avast antivirus; check your subscription window and then rescan the device.


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