8 Gorgeous to Have for Your Garden !!

A garden is essential whether you only have a few pots on your piece of land. It makes you healthier. Besides adding to your health, colorful flowers, fresh vegetables, and aromatic herbs that mostly form your family garden yield a lot of benefits.

Plants are simple to grow, interesting and attractive, and add character, style, and color to garden designs. A lot of these can be developed and protected easily in container gardens. You need a mix of exciting plants in varied colors and arrangements for your garden space. Some of these also produce blooms at a point in time.

Choosing plants for a garden varies from one person to another since people’s tastes and preferences do vary. The below-mentioned plants are the best for most people since they offer the most conducive environment.

Buy plants online of good quality will instantaneously benefit you even before they bloom. Below are the 8 best plants that will attract and appeal to the eye garden for you.

Lilly Pilly

It belongs to an assortment of shrubs and adaptable trees whose origin is Australia. They are favored mostly because of their interesting berries and the fluffy blooms they produce. They make excellent screens and hedges but are also used in garden beds and pots as specialization plants. 


This is a large, evergreen, and bushy small tree or shrub with black stems and leathery, thin, small leaves that are yellow-green. The leaf margins are normally unique and dark green making the plant very beautiful. It gives a few tiny dark purple flowers during summer and late spring.


You can order plants online of Buxus variety as a hedge, a formal plant, or a clipped plant in your garden. Several types are available for naturalistic planting and they do well. Traditionally, Buxus has been the most reliable plant for use in your garden but today its growth has been hindered by pests and diseases which destroy its attractive appearance.

Acacia Wattle

It is an excellent garden plant. Most species produce delicately perfumed flowers. Their flowers also have a wide color variation ranging from cream, gold to pale yellow. Their growth habit ranges from low-growing and prostrate species to shade trees and larger shrubs.


The plant has brightly colored flowers without petals. They attract birds and other honeyeaters a lot. It can both grow as a weak shrub or convert to a tall evergreen tree.

Rex begonias

The plants have a wonderful but weird look. You will love to have them in plain pots or even in mixed containers to make fetching accents. These also look amazing in hanging baskets. These love humid and warm climates with moist but not wet soil. It is best to keep them in an area with indirect light.


During the late summer season, these plants can bear floral stalks up to a height of 7 feet. The plants can last as long as the Autumn Season. The plants offer nectar to butterflies mating during the later seasons. A few species of this plant, such as Vernonia Colorata, Vernonia amygdalina, and Vernonia Calvoana, can be used in the form of leafy edible vegetables. It serves as a host for the larva of the American Painted Lady butterfly.


You can grow these easily, and these make clusters of tall flowers of purple color. These are referred to as flowers that serve as magnets for butterflies due to their amazing beauty and wide range of colors. Gardeners like to grow them due to their beauty. You can buy indoor plants online cheaper from web-based gardening plant stores

These are the must-have plants for gardens. They come in plenty of different varieties and have been left in various sizes, colors, and shapes. You can be amazed by the number of options available – including greens, bright pinks, reds, and browns. The plants can come in a complete spectrum of colors You can combine various types of coleus to make wonderful displays. You can keep these pinched backs to ensure a bushy appearance. Cut flowers off, if any. Most of these plants like partial to full shade.

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