The Different Types of Dog Leashes and How to Use Them

A dog leash is one of the essential elements that you will be going to need when you bring a dog as a pet. Whether you are an owner of a big dog or you have a puppy, you need a leash to control your dog. To have a complete command or grip on your dog whenever you go out with or take him on a walk a leash will be your best companion.

Picking a leash is also another important decision, which you have to make wisely. Always pick a dog leash depending on your dog size and habits. If you are the owner of a big dog, you need a different type of leash. If you own a puppy you to pick a different one as there are different puppy leashes, which you can pick.


How to Choose a Right Leash for your Dog?

This is one of the most asked questions and every dog owner must have to know the answer. Picking a perfect leash for your dog depends on the various factors, such as:

  • Your Dog’s age
  • Dog’s size
  • The Purpose of Leash
  • The Material of Leash

All these factors play a vital role in selecting a perfect leash for your dog. The age and the size of the dog are the two most prominent factors. Because if you get the wrong size it will be neither beneficial for you nor the dog.

The next important thing to consider before buying a leash is to understand the purpose of getting a leash. Whether you need a leash to take your dog on a walk every day or need to use it occasionally. It will help you make a better decision.

Lastly and yet importantly, comes the material of the leash. This factor is also very important to consider while buying a leash for your dog. The best dog leash material is Nylon various reasons make it the best material. First, it is easily washable or easy to clean. Secondly, Nylon material is completely safe to use for your dog as no harmful materials are used in the process.

Last but not the least, it has great longevity and comes with a good guarantee. It means the nylon leash is durable and you can use it for a longer time.

How to Use a Leash?

Using a leash is not as much a tough step as the actual setting process. Using a leash perfectly depends on how you set it and put it on your dog. As the size matters a lot, so to begin with it make sure it is neither too tight nor loose.

Your dog must feel comfortable with the leash on, so this way he will easily follow all your commands. Also, when walking your dog on a leash avoid excessive pulling and do not force your dog. Let it go with the flow and let your dog enjoy a good time.

1.    Harness Style Dog Leash

The best of all and highly recommended by many dog owners is the harness leash. The harness leash covers the dog’s body and puts the least pressure on the neck area. The dogs with harness leashes on have been seen to be more comfortable and calmer. A harness leash makes it easier for a dog owner as well to easily control a dog.

2.    Gentle Leash

For larger, stronger, and muscular dog owners a gentle leash is a perfect pick. As the names already show that it is a gentle leash, which means it will not make your dog uncomfortable. It is easy to use and easy to adjust as well as allows a dog owner to have a full grip. Also, if your dog keeps pulling constantly, it will provide the best support to you to control your pet.

3.    Multi-Function or Adjustable Leash

Multi-functioning and adjustability are two key features that a dog owner looks for while choosing a dog leash. An adjustable as well as multi-functional is the one that is highly recommended by dog owners. The appearance of this leash is similar to the standard one, but it comes with multiple loops to adjust the size.

A dog owner can lengthen or shorten the size easily using an adjustable leash. Being easy to use and quickly adjustable it becomes one of the favorites for dog owners.


Different type of leashes offers different functionalities and use for different purposes. Although the main purpose of a leash is to have a come grip and control over your dog but picking the right size and quality of the material is the key.

The size and material make one leash different from another. So, while buying a leash for your dog keep in mind this important factor. Thus, you can easily pick a perfect leash according to your dog.


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